Pop Theology: Your Own Personal Jesus

Sometimes Jesus seems like a Rorschach test: different circumstances reflect different aspects about Jesus.  At Christmas, baby Jesus symbolizes new life and salvation.  At funerals, ministers quote Jesus’ pledge in Matthew 5:4 to comfort mourners, “God blesses those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”  When injustice run abounds, Jesus says in Luke 16:15, “Then […]

Breed Of Love

  “Remember love is what brought you here.  And if you’ve trusted love this far, don’t panic now. Trust it all the way.” -Sharon Rivers (Regina King), If Beale Street Could Talk I love you.  I love cake.  I love Netflix.  I love lamp.  “I love ______”  may be the most powerfully destructive, delusional and […]

Law Of Faith

“A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.” -Friedrich Nietzsche Life is like space.  At its finest, we float above the fray on Earth.  Every star in our universe aligns into a breathtaking constellation.  Nothing can hurt us up here.  However, like space, life can be a dark, isolating […]

Top 5: 2018 Most Overlooked Performances

Can you feel it?  It’s awards season!  The time of year when competitive awards are given for subjective art.  The time of year when best picture nominations are announced and films receive some sweet post-Oscar box office bump. The time of year when ‘best-of’ snubbed film lists compete in an arms race to name obscure […]

Psychology Of War

Every day, Teddy wears the external perception of a temperate and earnest federal marshall. Every day, Teddy navigates around past traumas of alcoholism and war like landmines. Every day, Teddy’s hit by the shrapnel memory of his dead wife. Over time, these invisible wounds decayed his mind, developing a hive for mental illness to thrive. Locked within his mind’s confines, Teddy became a POW.

Genesis of Storytelling

    While listening to a sermon as a young man, a preacher cursed the Bible with this acronym: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.  Like most bad preachers, he was all too satisfied with his glass darkly of an idea.  Though the Bible has books dedicated to laws (Leviticus…😢), equating God’s word to a celestial […]

What is Cinema?

  Cinema lies in absorbing electrifying performances by committed actors.  That make audiences feel, that make them think, make them observe themselves and world around them in a more expansive way.  We–radical thinkers that we are, know that cinema has nothing to do with  a Smartphone screen a Television screen nor a 52-foot high IMAX screen  -Dee Rees, director of […]