Law Of Faith

“A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.”

-Friedrich Nietzsche

Life is like space.  At its finest, we float above the fray on Earth.  Every star in our universe aligns into a breathtaking constellation.  Nothing can hurt us up here.  However, like space, life can be a dark, isolating vacuum sucking away happiness through unexpected trials and unwelcome tribulations.  Logic lapses, dreams decay, and visions vanish.  Yet faith whispers:  It will get better.  This is the simple but difficult law of faith. 

Ryan Stone’s (Sandra Bullock) mission is beset by disaster after disaster.  She trudges through losing her ship and crew but after too many losses, Ryan’s vision of getting back to Earth vanishes.  Then logic pounces: no one is waiting for her back on Earth.  Ryan’s daughter, the sun of her solar system, went dim long ago.  Yet, faith always finds a way and knocks on the door.  

Faith powered through Ryan’s atmosphere of hopelessness and found her heart amongst the vast, dark vacuum.  Like space, life can be an isolating vacuum swallowing our plans, dreams, and hopes.  However, faith believes suffering can birth meaning.  Finding meaning begins by abiding in a simple but difficult law: It will get better.    

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